Friday, January 25, 2013

America: Part III, The Company Men; Alternative Solution to Taxing the Rich; Bringing Industry Back

Dear Fellow Americans,

In the movie, The Company Men, with Ben Affleck, his character, Bobby Walker, is a sales executive from a big shipping company. There were massive lay-offs in order to boost the stock price, and he was one of them, including bigger executives in the company, and the co-founder of the company (Gene McClary, played by Tommy Lee Jones). McClary was fortunate enough that his stock shares soar, but it was still a sad time for all of them. Walker could not find work and was struggling to pay his bills, and had to switch to manual labor to feed his family.

McClary was persuaded not to give up, so he started a consulting firm and funded a new company in a defunct warehouse on the deserted docks. He hired Walker as a sales executive and brought in former employees of the former company and new people he met along the way. He started naming all the jobs that were needed. A new company was born! At the end of the movie, the camera pans from the warehouse office, outside, across the dock, and then towards the water. As the camera stops, you see a big tanker coming by the docks, guided by tugboats. It was a great sight…a beacon of hope for business, the local economy and America.

What I want to ask is…why can’t this work? Why not, upon a predetermined level of income, after a millionaire or company makes a certain amount, instead of taxing and hindering spending and economic growth, the wealthy person/company needs to invest and put capital into a qualified fledgling or established American business (unrelated to existing business), thus creating temporary and permanent jobs on a medium to grand scale? Or, investing in two or three existing companies with good infrastructure that needs the influx of capital to get over the hump and get to the next level. It's a catch-22 for most small to medium companies: They cannot afford to hire anyone, but at the same time, they cannot expand without hiring anyone.

So, the millionaire doesn't buy that third $10 million dollar home in California, Aspen or the Caribbean that year. But, he/she did invest in three American businesses and helped them grow, and was directly responsible for putting thousands of people to work…thousands of Americans, and bringing us out of lethargy. This, in turn, will have a leap-frog or trickle effect, making these companies successful, and making more return on investment, and thus, funding more businesses in need of capital in order to grow.

We need more incentives to bring manufacturing and assembly back to the US too, such as the shoe/footwear industry, textiles, shipbuilding, steel, computer manufacturing and assembly, IT call centers, and so on. Locally, we have all these empty factories and massive warehouses sitting there, and a massive resource of people ready to work to earn an honest living, bring up families and live the American dream. They are waiting, where the industries used to be, such as Lawrence, Lowell, Springfield, Brockton, Providence, RI, and Fall River and Quincy for shipbuilding. Let’s go!

As I was writing this, I happened upon a truly encouraging and exciting story that gives hope for the immediate future.

“All Star” Company Picks Boston for World HQs
Converse to bring more than 400 jobs to the city as part of $230 million redevelopment of Lovejoy Wharf.

Today, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced that North Andover, MA, shoe company, Converse, Inc., would relocate its expanded world headquarters to Boston. Converse will lease approximately 187,000 square feet of new office space that will be created as part of the $230 million redevelopment of Lovejoy Wharf in Bulfinch Triangle.

The new location will house more than 400 Converse employees when it opens in April 2015.

Link to the entire story:

We can bring America back, one millionaire’s influx of capital at a time, one industry at a time, one business at a time, one grateful American worker at a time.
America-Part IV: Manufacturing Jobs Back to America! Good for Humans, or Robots?

Video Casting: Chinese Male Actor 25-35! Pay $400!

Hi Everyone!

There is a video casting and they are looking for a Chinese male non-union actor, appx 25-35, who speaks English with a Chinese accent.

If interested, please follow this link:

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Breakthrough: Robotic Limbs Moved by the Mind (Part II, Google Super-Human)

Hi Everyone!

Another must-see video! The TV news show, 60 Minutes, had an interesting segment, Breakthrough: Robotic Limbs Moved by the Mind.

Humans can now move robotic limbs [unattached] using only their thoughts, and, in some cases, even get sensory feedback from their robotic hands. Scott Pelly, reports.
In the first portion of the segment, a University of Pittsburgh neuroscientist, Dr. Andy Schwartz, is working on a Defense Department Project called, Revolutionizing Prosthetics.

I watched in amazement. A quadriplegic patient was operated on by attaching computer sensors directly into the part of the brain that enabled movement. Soon after the operation, she was able to control an (wired) external robotic limb…using her mind.

I did not see a possible connection to my “First Super-Human Powered by Google” concept, until they talked about placing additional computer sensors on the next patient, which would will allow the brain to send the proper signals so the patient would be able to feel the objects (info coming in). Keep in mind; the robotic arms are not directly attached to the body.

This, I thought, was needed to open the idea of Google technology piped into the correct areas of the brain to be effective.

Imagine, with the Google Super-Human concept, and this technology as a conduit, being able to pipe info into the brain, hard-wired or wirelessly. Is this possible? Isn’t obtaining knowledge already achieved wirelessly? Since humans learn wirelessly, via our senses, is it not conceivable that information can be programmed into the brain electronically wired?

Imagine, someday soon saying to are studying by book or computer? How archaic! Just go to a Google Learning Capsule Hot Spot. And within minutes, you learned the entire text. Imagine, one day you decide to become a real estate agent. So you proceed to a Google Learning Capsule, and within minutes, you learned the curriculum, signed up for the real estate exam, paid your fee, took the test, passed the test, and walked out of the capsule as a licensed real estate agent.

This Revolutionizing Prosthetics project is working on the next phase...going wireless. Dr. Geoffrey Ling, head of the project, said that in the future, this technology would be utilized for sight, sound and many other aspects of the human senses. The second portion of the program was on amputees, and the state-of-the-art technology of attached robotic arms/hands with sensory feedback.
Google Super-Human PART-III, Robotic Limbs Moved by the Mind.
Is Brain to Brain Connection Next? Ability to Move another Person’s Limbs by Thought? Scary Thought!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Music Video Casting: Asian Girl 9-13yo, Dancer. Pay $75.

Hi Everyone!

There is a casting for two music videos, and they are looking for an Asian girl, age 9-13, with dance experience (preferably hip hop, but not a requirement).

The shoot day is February 16th (1st weekend of school Vaca!), with a rehearsal the evening of February 14th or 15th.

Pay is $75.00.

Please follow this link if interested:

Monday, January 21, 2013

The First Super-Human Powered by Google? (PART-1)

Hi Everyone!
There is a significant must-see video, attached/below, of a conference in which the focus was the future of business, technology, and economics, pertaining to science (atoms/bits) and new developments in mobility, the cloud's impending growth rate, and in-memory computing which will make quantum leaps in processing speed.

There was a panel of experts at the conference, including world-renowned, Theoretical Physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku. As you may know, Dr. Kaku was AsianBoston Magazine's latest front cover story. AB Magazine: Dr. Michio Kaku Front Cover Story

After I viewed this video, I was both in awe of the infinite possibilities, and also scared at the same time. Maybe because it's too infinite to grasp, especially if technology changes so fast that our minds will not comprehend the rapid changes. 

It's like looking up at the night sky, as we all did at one time or another, and asking...where does space end, how did this all start; the world, human existence, why are we here, what is our purpose? These things are too vast to comprehend and to make sense of it in our minds, so we tend to not think too much on this because it only frustrates and puts one in a circle of thought.

I called a friend shortly after seeing the conference video and stated: I think we will soon see the first super-human powered by Google. 

Imagine somehow, Google technology is synchronized with a human, and at a thought, this super-human can access any data needed. Say for instance, the person never changed a spark-plug, but within a couple of seconds, can go over to a car and change it. Or, fix a fridge, perform triage on a wounded person, solve a complex math problem, order goods and services, assist on a spacecraft launch, or build a house, just from accessing Google via your thoughts.

Imagine, a person getting into a truck, like Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in Terminator, and not knowing how to drive it, and like the Terminator, is able calculate the instructions 'by thought,' and then drive away.

Think about this...schools may no longer be a necessary step in education. Imagine, from child-birth, a baby learns by being placed daily into a Google learning capsule, just like the capsule Superman was placed in as a baby and sent into space by his father just before the destruction of their home planet; he ends up in the programmed destination called, Earth. Or perhaps, that will not even be needed. A baby can just be a baby until it's time, as a child, to be synced with Google.

What amazed me even more, was, in just a week after I spoke to my friend about this, I saw a commercial (On my honor, I was previously not aware of this commercial), and there is a guy placed in a futuristic chair. There is a phone on the center of a man’s chest as he is essentially injected with “Google” android DNA. 

I have not seen it lately, and cannot find it online, but here is an indication of the commercial: 

The procedure is scarily similar to what I wrote here, and my jaw dropped when I saw this commercial...just a week after I talked to a friend about my thoughts on The First Super-Human Powered by!

There is too much to think about with all the changes to come in science, technology, computing, business, and the world. It's a little scary, but, most changes will be for the betterment of business, society, and our planet...this is my hope.

Best regards,

Leo Anthony

Enjoy the videos!

Full Video: Conference Intro/Presentation by Actor Gabriel Byrne and Conference Host/Moderator, Tom Stewart Full Conference Video / Dr. Kaku, Makes Strong Point

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Breakthrough: Robotic Limbs Moved by the Mind (Part II, Google Super-Human)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

America, PART II: Punish The Rich? Shame on Us!

Dear Fellow Americans,

Politicians and the media, for their own agendas, have been pitting the poor, lower and middle class against the rich for decades. 

When a politician touts this dichotomy in order to win votes, he/she incites, then the media perpetuates, and then, mob mentality kicks in. Yeah, get those rich people, punish those rich bastards...they deserve it, yeah! Tax them like you do us...they have it! It's not fair to the rest of us! Yeah!

It amazes me that people actually buy into this thought process, when, in fact, the rich can start and build businesses that put those very same complainers to work. This is going on in America, where the goals of becoming rich and successful are a fabric of our society.

I will never understand the mentality of class warfare.

Why would society want the rich to be punished? The rich create jobs by forming companies and contributing to the economy, both publicly and privately, in more ways than people with less means can contribute. The rich can put millions into medical research, charities and other life changing projects. The rich and influential can attract other people to back national causes. It is those same people who can dream big and start small to mid-sized companies that blossom into big companies that create jobs, and it is big industry that creates jobs on larger scales.

The truth is, if you tax the rich at such a percentage that discourages spending, then the rich stop spending or pull back in certain areas, and this can have an effect on entire sectors. They have the power to stop spending if you levy them beyond what may be considered reasonable, or maybe hinder them enough not to open a new business or grow an existing one.

The last time there was an increase in luxury tax, for instance, it almost crippled certain luxury-item industries because simply put, the rich stopped buying those luxuries because of the increased tax. Privately, they put gardeners to work, the pool guy, the landscaper, housekeepers, hired limos, accountants, security guards, dog walkers, etc.

Some people say that extravagance is not a good thing. But Rihanna, who bought a $12 million dollar mini-villa in Pacific Palisades, actually puts people to work, and puts money back into the economy. If a rock star goes to a club and it's reported that he had a $10,000 food and bar bill, he is spending, not hoarding. That night, not only did the club do well, but the bartender, servers, doorman, limo driver, and so on, most likely made good tips. By employing others, these same employees are able to spend more too, which precipitates more spending; the cycle continues.

The American nation is ready for work. Ready to go! What are we doing? What are we waiting for? We have the power and resources to bring ourselves back. WAKE UP AMERICA! Wake from this lethargic state! We are trying to get out of this slump, so this is not the time to increase taxes on the rich. We should actually ease up to encourage more spending and business creation, and jolt this economy. It seems like we are shooting ourselves in the foot as if it’s a foregone conclusion that we will fail.

In the movie, Gettysburg, there is a scene where the Union Calvary arrives first at Gettysburg, and General John Buford (Sam Elliot) is speaking to one of his colonels. General Buford is describing, in vivid detail, what was going to happen if the entire confederate army takes the advantage by capturing the high ground before the Union army arrives in force.

Movie Scene, minute 36:20: "Devin, I led a soldier’s life...I've never seen anything as brutally clear as this. As if I can actually see the blue troops in one long bloody moment, going up the long slope to the stony top, as if it were already done, already a memory...odd...set...done. As if tomorrow is already happening and there is nothing you can do about it. Least sometimes feels before an ill-considered attack, knowing it will fail, but YOU CANNOT STOP IT, even take part, help it fail...."

America, please, WAKE UP!

Coming Up...
America, Part III: Movie, The Company Men; Alternative Solution to Taxing the Rich; Bringing Industry Back to the USA

Saturday, January 19, 2013

America: A Look in the Mirror, PART I

Dear Fellow Americans,

I think it’s sad that we now have a slogan to remind us to Commit a Random Act of Kindness when it should be a natural act for every American to perform on a daily basis. It’s ironic, because as a culture, we are generally giving, courteous, and a nation of "huggers" when we greet and say goodbye to each other. Many people believe that the World War II generation was the last generation to reflect what it is to be a true American; the last generation overall with respect, courtesy, accountability, humility, dignity, pride and love of country. We can get this back. All it takes is one household at a time teaching and reflecting these principles, and, each person across the United States being held accountable for their negative actions. 

Currently, the most talked about subject is what America has become and how to get America back on track. This is the greatest country in the world. But we must keep proving this repeatedly to ourselves and to the world. We should never rest or take our freedom for granted. Freedom should not be free. Every American should pay a price for living here, and I do not mean monetarily. I mean giving back somehow. Shifting our perspective from what’s in it for me to, how can I help others. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, Am I a good American, and if not, what can I do to change this?

John F. Kennedy once said, Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country. We forgot this.

Imagine that tomorrow morning, every person in America wakes and begins the day with one small positive  contribution to make this country even better for them and for the sake of the entire country. Imagine every person who is a detriment to society looking in the mirror and saying, Today is the day I will no longer be a burden, and start being an asset to society. People should be held accountable for their negative actions towards the rest of America, something we seem to be overlooking these days. I think everyone should look at their negative actions, not as a local act, but as if our entire country were affected by those actions. People who constantly feed off the rest of us, taking, and taking, and taking, without giving back somehow, should be held accountable from this point forward.

Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK once said of America, You can tell a great country when people are still trying to get in...not trying to get out. 

But we cannot rest on what we have achieved as a nation; we need to continue working hard to maintain our way of life and standard of living. Freedom should come at the cost of each of us becoming an asset in any way that will have a positive effect on American society and America. Andy Grove once said, only the paranoid survive. He meant, in computer technology, if you are not looking over your shoulder constantly, the ever-changing technology will pass you by, and you will no longer be relevant in doing business. We should use this logic and apply it to America. If we take America for granted and rest on our laurels, then another country will pass right by us.

I hear people complaining about the most trivial things, and my response is, "Wow, you live in America!" The next time you complain about having to park your car and walk three blocks to your destination, wait impatiently in line for your morning coffee, go to the store for milk or bread, take out the garbage; or, the TV isn’t working, the bus is a little late, or any other minor thing in life that you should not even complain about... remember what country you live in to have such minor problems. Think of the people who struggle to maintain housing, who can't go to a store for milk and bread. Think of the people who do not have a car, a blanket, coat, socks and shoes, and be ashamed of yourself for ever complaining at all.
America, look in the mirror. If we were an ant colony, then many able-bodied people would be cast out of the colony for slacking off, not pulling their weight or workload, or not contributing to the betterment of the colony in some way. As a nation, we have a limit to what we should tolerate. 

ABMG recently held an essay contest, and the four young finalists spoke on the inspiration behind their essays. What was said, coupled with the demeanor of these young Americans, actually inspired me to be a better person and American, and solidified my outlook on America. If these kids are the future of America, then dial me in. I am all in, and more hopeful than ever before. These four kids are part of a new awakening and appreciation. They are the future of the American ideal.

We will not be down for long, nor can anyone or anything keep America down. America will come back. But in order to come back, we need every American to be an asset to society, for the betterment of our livelihood, and America, the greatest country in the world.

Coming Up...
America: PART II, Punish The Rich? Shame on Us!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Gala Invitation: Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA)

Hi Everyone!

The Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) is an International Non Profit organization, promoting Home Ownership.

AREAA just opened a Boston Chapter, and they are hosting an Installation Gala to celebrate.

Tom Truong of Realty Direct, is the Founding Board Member & Vice President for the Boston chapter. 

The event will be held at Anthony's Pier 4, on Wednesday, January 30th.

For more info, tickets, and/or sponsorship opportunities, please follow this link:

Hope to see you there!

Thank you...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Actor Justin Chon (Twilight) on AsianBoston (Internet) Radio!

Hi Everyone!

Please welcome Hollywood actor JUSTIN CHON (Twilight) to AsianBoston (Internet) Radio Show!

We hope you CLICK-IN Wednesday, Jan 16th, at 6pm Eastern Time, (West Coast: 3pm)!

You can listen to the show on the internet, and/or call in and speak with Justin about Twilight and his upcoming film, 21 and Over!

BlogTalkRadio Internet Show Link:


We hope you join our host, Hyunah Jang, by listening or calling in and talking with Justin! You can call the show either via phone or skype (auto Facebook log-in).

Hyunah will also have a special announcement during the show regarding Justin and AsianBoston Magazine!

Justin is starring in the new comedic film, 21 and Over, from the guys that brought you The Hangover films. Opens nationwide on March 1, 2013!

Click Here: 21 and Over Movie Trailer