Thursday, May 6, 2010

Movie in Chinatown: Looking for All Types, Especially Asians

Hi Everyone! Please Read Carefully.

AsianBoston Casting & Media is the casting agency for a short film being shot here in Boston's Chinatown and surrounding area. The name of the film is Movie Short: HELL, starring Rich Manley. Judging by previous work and concepts, this lead actor and production company have great potential in the industry, and I am sure you will be happy that you are a part of this project.

Film Summary:
Ryan Blackmore had it all. Back in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, after years of specialized police training, Ryan has finally secured an elusive position on the local force and reunited with the one person he has always done everything for - the love of his life, Lisa. His ambitions and talents had materialized the dream he always wanted. But just when the future looked like heaven, a dark secret arose from the ashes of his past. Now... weeks after her brutal murder, Ryan blazes through the breakneck city streets with a single objective: to exact revenge on the mysterious stranger who extinguished Lisa's life and threw him into an emotional hell.
-J. Christian Lehrbach
The actual filming days are not set at this time, but it will shoot between May 16th and May 31st; as of this notice, three of four days will be needed.

We are holding a casting call for the following role and background work. (SEE Extras Roles Below)

Supporting Role Description

A Beautiful Female. Open to ANY Ethnicity, but needs to be SAG or SAG Eligible.
She will play the Mystery Man's Love Interest.
As of this moment, there are no lines, but this may change due to script adjustments.
This supporting female role is only needed for one or two days.

The audition days for this role are as follows:

Monday, May 10: 12pm-3pm
Tuesday, May 11: 4pm-8pm
Wednesday, May 12: 1-4pm

Location: AsianBoston, 90 Tyler St, Chinatown, Boston, in the CCBA building, 1st floor, 2nd door on left.

Please send e-mail to and make an appointment. Appt is preferred, but drop-in's are welcome too.

Please bring with you a resume if you have one, and if you don't have a headshot handy, we can take a photo of you here.
Have you ever wanted the experience of working and being part of a film, but never had the opportunity? Well, here is a chance!

EXTRAS/BACKGROUND: NON-UNION No Experience Necessary, just a willingness to have fun and most importantly, be responsible.

1. Two elderly gentleman playing checkers during chase scene (Asians)
2. Pedestrians on the street walking around (predominantly Asian, other ethnicity's as well)
3. People at the bar/restaurant (predominantly Asian, other ethnicity's as well)

Important for the following: Extras and Background: You have four ways of letting us know you are interested.

Important: The sooner the better to be considered.

1: Send e-mail to Angel at
2: Calling AsianBoston at 617.275.4249
3: Starting as of this notice...coming by the office at 90 Tyler St, Chinatown, to sign up and drop off headshot, or by having your photo taken here.
4: By mailing your headshot to AsianBoston PO Box 52137, Boston, MA 02205.

We are also looking for Production Assistants (PA's) to work on the film. No experience necessary...but this is a very responsible position.

Important: There will be food. No pay, but there will be a deferred contract between AsianBoston and the production company. If this short film is financed and secures capital for a bigger project, AsianBoston Casting & Media will be compensated accordingly, and in turn, will compensate all who worked on this original project. Please understand, there are no guarantees, but we can all hope for the success of this endeavor.

Closet T. Stops
Orange Line: Tufts Medical Center
Red Line: South Station
Green Line: Boylston

Parking: Cheapest is the Shoppers Garage at 40 Beach St at Harrison Ave intersection. Best of all, if you buy something in any of the participating businesses (Blue Sign in window), especially restaurants, it's only $2 hour for up to 3 hours, $6 total.

Please do not park in back of the CCBA building for the audition. We encourage the T.

Thank you!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Leo Anthony