Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chinese/Vietnamese Actors Needed for Video Project, Pay $40-$50 Hour!

Hi Everyone!

There is a client looking for the following roles for a medical video project...

Chinese males for non-speaking b-roll middle age (40-55 years old) - NEED 2 ROLES (To play a DOCTOR and a PATIENT).

Vietnamese-speaking male for on-camera teleprompter read (40-60 years old).

Vietnamese males and females for non-speaking b-roll (30-55 years old).

Pay: Hourly-based $40-50 depending on experience.

Teleprompter Read: Half day rate of $250.

Please follow this link for more contact info...

Thank you!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Asian Actresses Wanted for Play: HOOKMAN

Hi Everyone!

Thank you, Mariko...

Dear AsianBoston,

Actors are needed for all characters for this play, especially Asian female actors for the roles of Yoonji and Jiehae.


Company One is holding auditions for their Second Stage production of Lauren Yee’s, HOOKMAN directed by Greg Maraio (March/April).

“Being a freshman in college is hard when your roommate is weird, home is far away, and Hookman is everywhere! What's Lexi to do when her old high school friend, Jess, gets killed...I mean--has an accident, a car accident, I think? Not even Facebook stalking the dead can calm the creepy feelings spilling out of the shadows in this existential comic horror slasher -- a new play by Lauren Yee.”

Auditions will be held from 6 PM to 9 PM on Tuesday, January 24th. (Location TBD)

To secure an audition slot, please email with your resume, digital head shot, and specific time request if needed.

Production Information:

Rehearsals begin mid-February. Monday-Thursday evening, and Sunday’s daytime.
Production runs March 23rd – April 14th, 2012 – Wednesday through Sunday.
All actors cast receive a stipend.

Characters (4F, 1M):

Actor 1: Lexi

LEXI, 18, female. Freshman at UConn. Likes to sing to herself when alone. Can’t drive. Does not know what her major is. (Though maybe something to do with kids?) Talks too much. An only child.

Actor 2: Jess

JESS, 18, female. Freshman at UC Davis. Possibly Lexi’s best friend. Works at American Eagle at school. Also reads her father’s old Economist issues when in the bathroom at home. Jess is a sociology major with a minor in international relations (the same as her brother).

Actor 3: Yoonji/Jiehae

YOONJI, 18, female. Freshman at UConn. Lexi’s roommate. Korean American. From New Jersey. Likes listening to music and getting a tiny bit stoned with her Jewish friend Rachel. Passive aggressively sick of Lexi. Yoonji is a lit/poli sci double major to piss off her parents.

JIEHAE, 18, female. Went to Peru and died. Really good at math, though kind of a bitch. Would have been a math major even though she was basically a slut.

Actor 4: Chloe/Kayleigh

CHLOE, 18, female. Freshman at UConn. From New York City proper. Knows Lexi from somewhere. Has a giant thermos that is maybe filled with coffee? Thrilled to be alive. Charming. Chloe is an anthro major (but thinking about switching to environmental studies because why not!).

KAYLEIGH, 15, female. Sophomore at West Porter High. On a quiet power trip. Wants to go to Georgetown for college and major in history and economics. Will be more successful than Lexi when she grows up.

Actor 5: Sean/Hookman

SEAN, 20, male. Junior at Bloomington University. Plays intramural baseball. Business major. From Connecticut. May be a rapist.

HOOKMAN, old enough to be sketchy, male. Has a hook for a hand. May or may not also have a hand on his non-hook arm. Maybe just has a hook and no hands at all? Constantly looks hung over.

JUSTIN, 19, male. Sophomore at UConn. From New Hampshire. Has a work-study job fixing student computers for the school. Wholesome. Kind. Probably has an Asian fetish. (Played by the same actor who plays HOOKMAN)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion Models Wanted for College Runway Show!

Hi Everyone!

There is a college in Newton, MA, hosting a runway fashion show, and they are looking for seven models with the following measurements: 36" bust, 26" waist, 37.5" hip, or as close as possible. Model age range: Flexible.

The show will be held on April 28th, but there may be a fitting and a couple of rehearsals beforehand.

More details will be provided upon response.

Please go to...

Thank you.