Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Men Are Created Equal: It Stops There, At Created.

All Men Are Created Equal.

This is true, but it ends there, at created. Yes, we are all equal when we are created, but then we develop into different beings. If anyone thinks differently, then they suffer from the ultimate human denial of epic proportions! If anyone can honestly prove that we are all equal, then I am listening. If you can honestly say that you are equal to, for instance...Hitler, or a child molester, or a murderer, a thief, or any detriment to society, then be my guest, but they are not equal to me. Some people are better than me, and I am better than some others. Some people are heavy, some are skinny, some are smart, some are tall, short, athletic, rich, poor, caring, happy, arrogant, cruel, sad, ambitious, lazy, slobs, jerks, popular, mean, introverted, neat, and so on. That's life. If we were all equal, then we would be robots. If we were all equal, then the words previously mentioned would not exist. If we were all equal, there would be no need for police, there would be no courts, or prisons, or crime, or war, etc. 

I tried looking this up, but could not verify which politician said the following statement. I heard the person say this a long time ago, but I do not want to write the name in case I am mistaken. There was a politician who once said, Poverty Begets Crime. This is such a sad statement. In my opinion: Crime Begets Poverty. It is crime that tears down neighborhoods and society. Being poor or having low-income and/or living in a poor area does not mean that you are disrespectful and a detriment to society. This does not automatically mean that you cannot help keep your neighborhood clean and safe. If you are poor, you can still be brought up the right way, with manners, respect for others, and lead a life of goodness. Being poor does not stop you from taking a broom and cleaning the sidewalk in front of your building or property.

I was extremely poor growing up, and I was taught manners, to be neat, and to be respectful. Back then, I lived in one of the worst neighborhoods in Boston, Columbia Point (now Harbor Point), and came out a law-abiding citizen. My mother taught me to be a gentleman, open doors for people, throw trash in the trash can, be polite, and treat people how you want to be treated. Being poor is no excuse for crime. Crime Begets Poverty.

There is hope for neighborhood turn-around. Colombia Point (Harbor Point) is one nice turn-around, and the the South End near the hospital, is another instance, despite the druggies still roaming near the hospital. The people of the South End fought and took back their neighborhood, and now all the good people of this area are living in harmony again. It was with people coming in and rehabbing residential buildings, and a lot of help by UMass with rehab on some commercial buildings as well. This area is back to being vibrant, and commerce is abundant. Let’s not allow neighborhoods to be torn apart. As Americans, let’s work together to keep them all safe, and prevent them from being torn apart, especially by crime. All of America and Americans should be safe. Freedom should come at a price…and that is to work hard and keep our neighborhoods and country safe.

America: Let's Make Crime a Crime!

Why Do We Allow Criminals To Prey On Us?

This is in written in disgust of the three criminals roaming the streets near Boston University robbing people and because of the rape recently at Harvard University, in Harvard Yard. There is a limit to what the good people of Boston and America will endure. Can you imagine, that Boston, being the mecca of higher learning, technology, science, tourism, etc, is still allowing this to go on? As the mayor states...Boston is a World Class City. 

Let's never stop living up to that billing.

There is a line in the movie, Righteous Kill, where De Niro's detective character states that...

Our job is keeping 99% of the population safe from the other 1%. The problem is that we have to spend 1/2 of our lives with that 1%.

I know this is only a movie, and one should NEVER take information as facts from movies. Nevertheless, as evident in society, we do allow criminals to live among us, but why? There are some ideas out there to try and correct this...such as, building a place not unlike the prison in the movie, Escape from New York (not suggesting NY). 

Do you think a criminal will want to be cast out of society and no longer be able to prey on society? Of course, the majority of Americans are good; whether it is 99% or not, but why do we stupid law-abiding humans keep allowing criminals to live among us so they can continue to prey on the very society we want to keep safe? Does this make any sense? In a way, we are actually doing the injustice to ourselves. Why do we not cast them out of society? This way, they can prey on each other.

In major league baseball, recently, there was a player who was caught using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED's), and he was suspended for 50 games and lost pay. This is actually a joke, and not a deterrent for most millionaire athletes. If the league truly wanted to stop players from using drugs, then they would produce stiffer sentences. There was a suggestion that the league, should a player be caught, be suspended for an entire season on the first offence, and on the second offence, be thrown out of baseball. This would be a deterrent, and should work...if the league truly wanted to implement that plan and rid this matter. In the NFL, they test the players for PED's during training camp, not during the season. This is comical. All I have to say to this is, DUH! Again, if the NFL truly wanted to rid the league of players using PED's, then they would produce stiffer measures.

The same with crime: If we truly want to reduce crime dramatically, then we would implement stiffer sentences from the outset. There is some thought of bringing back public humiliation as a punishment for first offences. If you do a small crime, even for littering, you are put in a cage in the town square or park for all to see, with your name posted and the crime you committed. If kids get in trouble, then parents are fined in addition to the punishment. Another idea that has been long thought of is, during sentencing, you are given a choice of jail or the military, but there are obstacles with this theory that the military will not accept as an alternative; easier said than done. For the more serious crimes, then the person will be dealt accordingly the harshest of sentencing, including being cast out of society forever, never having a chance to prey on us again. We should eliminate the 3-Strikes law too. One warning, which is all you should get.

There are bad people out there that want to hurt other people, and with no remorse. Just watch the evening news for one week. 

I once had a girlfriend who believed that...people who do bad things, are good people who just do bad things, and I was like...oh yeah, what about Hitler? She said...he was most likely a good person, and just did many bad things. How can one reason with that thought process? 

Let's get Boston and America back on track. Let's rid ourselves of the criminal element, and cast them out of society. America is the greatest country in the world, but being great should come at the cost of remaining that way.

The City of Presidents: Is Quincy's Leadership Giving Up?

For generations, the infrastructure of Quincy has been solid, a model to Massachusetts, North Quincy and Wollaston especially. The people there truly care about their neighborhoods. These areas are actually pristine, and at night, peaceful, the way it should be in all the towns of America. But lately, within the past year or so, there are little signs of trouble brewing, like small increases of litter, graffiti on a couple of signs on the beach, broken beer bottles and empty nips here and there, and kids hanging out in small groups late night.

These things may seem trivial to some people, but it's a sign that...if we do not watch out, the inmates will be running the asylum soon. We have all seen this happen to too many towns. This will not be good for ALL the decent people of ALL races, of Quincy, including all the new residents and decent people who have come here to raise a family in a nice town. But, why is it that some people move into a neighborhood and automatically seek to destroy? Why not move in and seek to be an asset, and do your best to keep the neighborhood intact as did many generations before? Why not come in with dignity and pride? Even with litter…do you not see the streets are clean, and say to yourself…gee, these streets are clean, maybe I should wait until I see a trash can? Is it that much of a burden to hold it until you see a trash can? Are you not littering your own neighborhood? Litter can be prevented if taught in the home. Preventive measures of all aspects start in the home.

Residents here are meticulous of their surroundings, homes, gardens, and the general well-being of the neighborhood. They work hard as Americans, and all anyone would ask is for newcomers to show respect and keep up the integrity of the neighborhood. The police cannot do everything. Preventive measures by residents will be a benefit and make for a better society, if we are all diligent.

Quincy Center:

Given the historical significance of Quincy to America, I have to, Quincy Center is a mess! Did Quincy just give up one day? I am actually ashamed to walk through Quincy Center and the T station among the many sad drug-infested people who are allowed to hang out there. I want to walk up to one of these deviants and say...look in the mirror and ask, am I helping society, or am I a detriment to society? If the answer is detriment, then do something to be a positive influence on society. Every time I see these people, it takes a toll on me, especially as a taxpayer. Sorry, but they are a drain on society socially and financially. Why are they allowed to be among the good people of Quincy? As you know, as taxpayers, we support their so-called recovery. I just realized something else the other day, as taxpayers, we are actually paying for their small luxuries, such as cell phones, cigarettes, and even tattoos, if they get them after the fact. 

As you know, the Quincy Center Garage was closed due to structural problems: Before the closing, this place was crime infested. Now, I hope the structural problems were the reason for the closing. If the true reason was that it was crime infested, then this is an indication that we allow criminals to be in charge, another instance that we just give in to the real problem, instead of fighting back and taking preventive measures, such as security, video cameras, lighting, etc. There is a developer who wants to come in and rebuild Quincy Center, but I read that this is contingent on Quincy cleaning this area up before this project comes to fruition. Frankly, I do not blame the developers.

Quincy did put a satellite office in Quincy Center, and I hope this helps. As we all know, it is not so-called politically correct to move these people along, but what would Quincy rather do...give in and let deviants control the area, or, have a vibrant neighborhood with law-abiding citizens who frequent shops and spend money in order to make for better society? There is no place for political correctness in America today. We need to recognize problems and then just correct the problems. All of America should recognize problems and work to correct them... especially when it comes to addressing crime.