Friday, November 30, 2012

ABMG Asian TV Drama Award Ceremony

Hi Everyone!

As you know, we had an Asian Essay Contest and followed up with a small, informal ceremony to award the winners at our ABMG International Headquarters, North Quincy, MA!

Thank you ABMG Family for all your support, sincerely.

Essay Winners:
Alex Nguyen: 1st
Yanyi Weng: 2nd
Yvonne Fong: 3rd
Amanda Yao: Honorable Mention

I want to thank the following for their hard work on the contest and ceremony (video attached).

Essay Contest Organizers:
Kara Tan, Iok Wong

Ceremony Production:
Stephen Marchessault, Kevin Bradbury, Molly Jou, Vicki Chu
Vallerie Lantigua: Ceremony MC
Amy Bui: Consultant
Benson Tang: Inspirational Photo

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Casting: Asian Girls 10-11yo, Online Clothing Company

Hi Everyone!

There is a casting for an online clothing company based in Mass. 

They are looking for Asian girls, ages 10-11, to showcase girls outfits on their website. 

Please click on this link for details:

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Print Casting: White and Asian Females, Latino Male. PAY: $4,500!

Hi Everyone!

There is a print casting this Thursday, November 29th, for a tattoo removal company. Pay is $4,500.

While Female, Blonde or Redhead, age 23-32
Asian Female, 23-32
Latino Male, 19-25

Talent will be photographed with bikini (female)/speedo (male). Talent will need to be comfortable with this situation. The shoot will be on a CLOSED SET.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking for Expert in PDF-3D: Payment $200

Hi Everyone!

There is a client looking for an expert in PDF-3D to help bring an invention to visualization. The drawings and first-draft prototype are ready for aid in the PDF design.

If interested and you have the qualifications, please click here:

Thank you!

Assistance on Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Stipend Available

Hi Everyone!

Are you proficient with Adobe? 

There is someone looking for help with adobe photo shop/illustrator. The person took a course last winter, but never got to practice on it.

She has work on an immediate project, and can use the guidance. The training can have her ready for future projects.

The best times for training can be a weeknight after 5pm, or Saturday or Sunday. hour and ½ each session? She should not need more than a couple of sessions.

If interested, and live in the Hingham area, please click here:

Thank you!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Casting Models/Actors (Euro-Look) for US/Global Company, Pay $2,000!

There is a video casting for an ad campaign with a major US/global company. Pay is $2,000!

Casting Date: 
Between 11am - 12noon.

Men and Women age 30 - 40
European look, light/dark mix. No bleach blondes.

Models/Actors should appear between 30 and 40. But, please, no one over the actual age of 40 on this one. The client is specific about the age limit. 

Please click here if you qualify: