Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Casting: Print Shoot, White M/F, Black M/F Asian F, Mix Race M/F, Pay 1000!

Hi Everyone!

There is a big casting for a major company here in Massachusetts.

The casting call:

This Thursday and Friday, February 14-15!

There are many roles! They are looking for 20 models total!


Caucasian Women: Ages 30 – 45

Caucasian Men: Ages 25 – 55

African American Women: Ages 28 – 45

African American Men: Ages 35 – 40

Asian Women: Ages 30 – 35

Multi Ethnic Women: Ages 25 – 35 (ambiguous look – mix of Hispanic/European/Middle Eastern/Indian…)

Multi Ethnic Men: Ages 35 – 45 (see above for description)

Please follow this link for times and details, and respond soon: CastingLink

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Asian Bone Marrow Donor needed on 2/14, 11-1:30pm

Dear AsianBoston Family,

I am reaching out to you because a former Asian Outreach Unit (AOU) intern, Eve, is fighting for her life and looking for a donor match for a bone marrow transplant. Eve interned with AOU in the summer of 2006 and was an active APALSA member while at the New England School of Law. A legal intern by day and a nurse practitioner by nights and weekends, Eve provided excellent legal services to countless AOU clients. I remember how she found a Chinese mental health expert to write an affidavit in support of one of my clients; Eve's work helped to save my client from deportation.

Although Eve now lives in Philadelphia with her husband and 4 year old son, she will be coming to Boston for treatment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Eve is an amazing fighter, but she needs our help.

Local friends of Eve and New England Law's APALSA will be hosting a local bone marrow donor match drive at the New England Law on Thursday, February 14, 11-1:30. PLEASE, stop by to give a quick cheek swab - you could BE THE MATCH to help save a life - Eve's life! If you are already registered with the National Marrow Donor Program (or you are not 18-44 years old), please forward this message to your friends, family members, and colleagues and encourage them to register.

Valentine's Day Bone Marrow Donor Drive
Date: Thursday, February 14, 2013
Time: 11:00 to 1:30
Place: Trustees Room, New England Law Library, 2nd Floor, 154 Stuart Street, Boston

For more information, go to www.bethematch.org.

Hope to see you on the 14th.



Happy Lunar New Year!

Hi Everyone!

2013 –Year of the Snake – 4711

Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Gung Hay Fat Choy!
Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Sun Nien Fai Lok!
Xin Nian Kwai Le!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!
Se He Bok Man-ee Baduh Seyo!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Casting: White Female (18-25) White Male (45-52) for Commercial Shoot! Pay $600

Hi Everyone!

There is a client doing a video casting for a non-union commercial for a local bank. This is a NON SPEAKING role.

Looking for white male (45-52) female (18-25) actors, and also models that are comfortable with video.

Pay: $600

Casting is Monday February 11th
10 AM - 3 PM

Role descriptions and other info at this link: Casting Link

NYC Casting: Japanese, Korean, Chinese Female for TV Commercial! Pay $592/day

Hi Everyone!

There is a client casting in NYC for a TV Commercial to be shown in Asian countries.

They are looking for Asian females...

  • Can portray Japanese, Korean or Chinese
  • Look 18-27
  • Natural beauty
  • Attractive
  • Bright smile

NYC audition is tomorrow, Saturday Feb 9th.

Shoot will be held in LA.

Please follow to this link and respond soon!

Casting Link

AsianBostonMG: Are YOU Missing Out on Potential Paid Gigs?

Hi Everyone!

As you know, the Asian population is growing immensely and because of this, Asians will be in even more demand for paid marketing and advertising campaigns in order for businesses to target the market. And the gigs are becoming more frequent.

So, what about YOU for all upcoming marketing/ad/film opportunities?

Through the years, I have heard many excuses from people about, height, weight, age, looks (not pretty enough), etc, as to why one cannot be a model or actor.

Before you jump, I want to tell you that...our highest paid model up to this day was paid $6,000 for a CVS print brochure...she is 80 years old. Our next highest paid model to this day...42 years old. Our highest paid actor, $2,500 total, and he is 50.

One should never assume what a client is looking for, and when you ask someone if they want to be a model, the first thing said is, "But I am not tall enough." This is because people automatically think, Runway. But what about print, TV commercials, web videos, billboards, movies?

The last time I checked, you only have to be 3 inches tall to be in a print ad, right? Do you think Danny Devito is considered a strikingly handsome man? Is Meryl Streep considered beautiful? No, but they are talented, and that's all that counts. Even the most famous models look ordinary once the makeup is off.

The truth is...there are many opportunities for people of all looks, age, height, weight, etc. It depends on the clients' needs on campaigns and films, and that's the bottom line.

So, with that said...no excuses. You say you have no time, or you have a professional career? Again, our four most active models/actors are... a doctor, a lawyer, a financial planner, and a real estate broker!
If you want opportunities to get involved with modelling and acting/film projects, all it takes is signing up to get started.

Here is how you can join our AsianBoston Casting Family: http://www.asianboston.com/index.php?option=com_chronocontact&Itemid=491

Here is how you can get all the casting notices without joining our agency. You can LIKE our page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AsianBoston-Media-Group/144278098976729

Here is how you can inquire about opportunities with AsianBoston Media Group such as writing, photography, TV radio, magazine: info@asianboston.com

It is my hope that you consider this matter. I want to thank you for your time, sincerely.

Best regards,

Leo Anthony

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Casting: Two Male Asian Actors (20s to 50s), Needed for Movie Trailer!

Hi Everyone!

There is a director/producer ready to shoot a scene for a feature film!

He is looking for two experienced Asian male actors to shoot a small scene in Boston on Feb 24th.

Shop Owner (50+)
Robber (20s,30s) 

If interested, please follow this link: Casting Notice

Sunday, February 3, 2013

White Male/Female Fashion Models for Projects in China! Via AsianBoston Media Group

Hi Everyone!

We are happy to announce a significant collaboration with a big agency in China. Henceforth, AsianBoston will be sending qualified fashion models to Shanghai for gigs! 

At this point, the agency is looking for white male and female fashion models for fashion shows, catalogue/magazine work, TV and web commercials, events, and some potential in movies/film.

Some of the agency's corporate clients include Dior, Louis Vuitton, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Folli Follie, Converse, Bobbi Brown, and M.A.C.

This is an excellent opportunity in this beneficial market. As many visitors and business travelers can attest, Shanghai is a bustling and exciting city.

If interested, please follow this link Fashion Models for China if you are a white male or female fashion model, age 16 - 28, and you are 5'7" or over, serious, responsible, qualified, and mentally and physically prepared for this challenge, and, ready for an exciting adventure!

Thank you.

Maggie Li Speaks with Kage Yami, Actor, Model, Stuntman 02/04 by AsianBoston On The Move | Blog Talk Radio

Maggie Li Speaks with Kage Yami, Actor, Model, Stuntman 02/04 by AsianBoston On The Move | Blog Talk Radio