Saturday, August 31, 2013

Veronica Farren's Modeling Journey in China!

Hi Everyone!

This is the first entry of a blog by Veronica Farren of Chelmsford, MA, our first fashion model to journey to China for three months via the ABMG China Model Project!

Dear AsianBoston,

My adventure is going wonderfully! Things are already so busy here. We get up first thing in the morning and go to castings all day :) But hey, that's what I'm here for! I am having the time of my life. Thank you again ABMG for this wonderful opportunity.

June 1st:

My name is Veronica Farren. I'm an American fashion model from Boston, Massachusetts, who was just sent over to Shanghai by AsianBoston Media Group!

A few months ago, I began the exciting process of ordering my passport, getting my visa, determining and organizing everything I thought I would need to have in a new country...and now I'm here in China! And wow- Shanghai is a non-stop party.

Not many people speak English here aside from the models, but everybody is really sweet and welcoming and celebratory. China is a magical place with a beautiful culture and great parties. My agency here is the best group of people I could have imagined working with! Greemy, Julie, Vincent, Maybe, and Melissa are our bookers. They work to secure us jobs, find us castings to go to, and come with us to help navigate through our list of casting calls.

The agency has two model apartments: One is the home to Maya and Tanya from Russia, Norbert from Hungary, and Evengy from Ukraine. I share my apartment with Martyna from Lithuania, and Tatianna and Yana from Russia. I have my own room for now, but in a few weeks, a Lithuanian girl named Emilja will be moving into my top bunk. My childhood dreams of having bunk beds is coming to life! That and modeling...

I started working right away- my first job was just three days after my arrival: swimsuit: very fun gig, they had two above-ground pools set up with a runway stage and along with a male model from Ukraine named Jason, and two beautiful Chinese models. I did two sets of walking on the platform and one set posing in the pool each day. It was a great gig, and a cool experience working with other models from different areas of the world.

I've noticed that the models from other countries have dramatically different styles of modeling, so I am learning a great variety of new poses, walks, and definitely becoming a more well-rounded model. Chinese poses are very cute, delicate, and sweet, compared to the more direct, high-fashion German styles. I'm also learning some important vocabulary in a plethora of languages!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hair Stylists and MUA's Needed For Benefit Fashion Show!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Maggie Li from AsianBoston Media Group (ABMG). We are partnering with a non-profit organization, Asian Women for Health, to hold a benefit fashion show featuring and empowering Asian cancer survivors on Friday, Oct 4...from 7pm-10pm.

This event coincides with Boston Fashion Week and will take place at Dance Union (16 Bow Street, Somerville, MA), home to the Tango Society of Boston.
Fifteen Asian cancer survivors will model the creations of leading Asian designers including Avni Trivedi, Anh Vu Sawyer, Shelley Chhbra, Vienne Cheung and Q.J. Shi.

We need several makeup artists and hairdressers to help with the event that day from 5-9pm. Our hope is to make this event a great success so it will become our annual signature fundraiser and we plan to promote it via both mainstream and Asian media outlets.

Please contact me at or 617.275.4249, if interested.

It is my hope that you are interested in helping us out.

Best regards,

Maggie Li
AsianBoston Media Group

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ABMG: Female/Male Fashion Models for Gigs in China! Are You Next To Go?

Hi Everyone!

As you may know, we are in collaboration with a big agency in China, and sent our first model, Veronica Farren (Chelmsford, MA), to Shanghai for modeling gigs, and a trip of a lifetime!

Veronica (Pictured in this China Ad) has been there for three months, and set to return in September.

We are set to send more qualified fashion models for fashion shows, catalogue/magazine work, TV and web commercials, events, and some potential in movies/film.

Are you the next model to make this trip?

This is a national campaign, and consider models from everywhere in the country for this venture. We have had many candidates apply from Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC.

This is an excellent opportunity in this beneficial market. As Veronica and many visitors and business travelers can attest, Shanghai is a bustling and exciting city.

If interested, please follow the link if you are a male or female fashion model, age 16 - 28, and you are 5'7" or over, serious, responsible, qualified, and mentally and physically prepared for this challenge, and, ready for an exciting adventure!


Title on Page: ChinaFashionModelProject

Thank you.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Roles for Upcoming Comedy Film: Ages 16-70

Hi Everyone!

There is a production of a feature comedy film (previously posted here) being shot in the North Shore, and they are looking to cast more roles:

TED: Caucasian (30's to 50's)

VICKIE: Caucasian (30's to 50's)

JUNIOR: Caucasian (male, early to mid 20's)

LAURIE: Caucasian (18 to 24)

CHUCK: Any Nationality (30's to 50's)

COACH: Any Nationality (30's to 70's)

HARRY: Any Nationality (30's to 70's)

BUZZY: Any Nationality (30's to 70's)

GAYLE: Any Nationality (30's to 50's)

FANNY: Any Nationality (30's to 50's)

KATIE: Any Nationality (late teens to early twenties)

MR. WANG: Chinese (Open age range)

For role description and details, please follow this link: ComedyFilm

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hiring 4 Male Promotiona​l Models for LGBT Carnival Parade, Pay $250!

Hi Everyone!
There is a NYC company with a client who has a spot in the Carnival Parade coming up on August 22nd in Provincetown. 

He is looking for 4 men (any ethnicity) who have great bodies and amazing personalities to walk in the parade, with body paint.

Pay is $250.00 per person.

If interested, please follow this link for more details: PARADE

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Casting, Comedy Film: Asian Man and Girl (Any Nationalit​y)

Hi Everyone!
There is a production of a feature comedy film being shot in the North Shore, and they are looking to cast the following roles:
KATIE (Any Nationality): Age can vary from late teens to early twenties.
MR. WANG (Chinese): Open age range.
For role description and details, please follow this link: FILM

Diverse Cast of Actors for Quick Shoot this Friday in Billerica! Pay $50

Hi Everyone,
There is a company in Billerica looking for all types of males and females (30-66) to play the roles of business owners with a quick line on camera and get their picture taken.
Must dress in business / professional attire.
The compensation is $50.
Only 10 Minutes Work.
Location: Billerica.
Date: This Friday, August 16th.
Time: TBD
If interested, please follow this link: ACTORS

Monday, August 12, 2013

Casting: Asian Man, 45-65, Feature Length Film

Hi Everyone!
There is a feature length melodramatic comedy being produced in Massachusetts, and they are looking for an Asian man between 45-65, Non-Union, for the role of a father.
If interested, please follow this link: FilmCasting

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Latin Models Wanted for Music Video: Pay $150

Hi Everyone!
There is a Reggaeton Hip Hop artist from Boston/Providence looking for Latin models for an upcoming music video.
Pay is $150.
If interested, please follow this link: VideoCasting

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Asian Female Models (18-30) for Cosmetolog​y Textbook! Pay: $400 - $2000!

Hi Everyone!
There is a cosmetology textbook company looking for Asian Female models (18-30 years old) for the front cover and inside pages.
Pay ranges from $400 - $2,000.
If interested, please follow this link: CASTING