Monday, September 30, 2013

PART IV: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

PART IV: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

June 22nd:

This week, we welcomed a new roommate into our apartment- Valeria, from Russia. She is very cool, and has a totally different style than the other girls. The agency has a variety of looks, and we do not compete against each other because everyone is for a different market. Not only am I meeting new people and making friends from all around the world, I get to know what these girls are all about. I live with them, ride around in a van all day with them, and sometimes, work with them! I had a job with my roommate Kamille modeling at a Porsche car show for the Asia Carerra cup this week…so many outrageous sports cars! Our outfits were pretty glamorous, too! We wore sporty crop tops, booty shorts, and thigh-high white heeled boots. I posed with all of the race car drivers who will be competing in the cup and with the cars for photographers as well as everyday people attending the show.

The Chinese love to take photographs - even when just walking down the street. Kamille and I had a great time posing together for all of the spectators. Modeling with friends makes the job so much more rewarding. I've had jobs with Martyna, Kimille, Norbert, Emilja, and lots of other models from different agencies. There are many other agencies in Shanghai, and it is a very competitive market, but all the models see each other at the same castings each day, so it is a friendly community. Our van pulls into the parking lot of a casting call to join a whole line of other vans, and the drivers hang out smoking cigarettes together or playing cards as all the models walk inside together greeting their friends from other agencies. Models are everywhere here. There is also another model apartment on the top floor of our building, so we run into them on the elevator and in the apartment shop all the time. Shanghai seems to be made up of mostly foreign models, Eastern European and Brazilian, but there are a few girls and guys from the states. While I love and appreciate the mix of nationalities that I am surrounded by, it’s always refreshing to run into someone from America. And when I go back home, it will be great to run into someone from China!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

CelebrAsia​ns: Cancer Walk on the Runway!

Hi Everyone...
CelebrAsians is a benefit fashion show hosted by AWFH to
engage, empower and enable Asian women who are impacted by cancers.
Fifteen Asian cancer survivors will share their inspiring stories and model
the creations of leading Asian designers. 
Be a champion for Asian women's health and a supporter of AWFH! 

Janet Wu, Reporter/Anchor at WHDH-TV/7NBC

 Asian Women for Health (AWFH)

Friday, October 4, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (EDT)

Somerville, MA


Event Timeline:
7:00-8:00:   Reception (raffle prizes available)
8:00-10:00: Fashion Show
Street parking is available throughout the Union Square area. Free parking will be available after 7pm in the lot behind Reliable Market (45 Union Square, Somerville) and Citizens Bank, as well as in the Goodyear’s parking lot (1 Bow Street, Somerville).
Other Payment Method:
Please make check payable to "Asian Women for Health, Inc. and mail it to:
83 Wallace Street, Somerville MA 02144

South Cove Community Health Center

Participating Partners:
Asian Boston Media Group
Avni Trivedi Design

 Cafe Tango
Friends of Mel Foundation

Philip Sawyer Design

 Shelley Chhabra


Snappy Sushi

 Soodee Boutique

SparkleBop Boston Jewelry
Sunhee Design
 Tantric India Bistro

Have questions about CelebrAsians: Cancer Walk on the Runway!? Contact Asian Women for Health (AWFH)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PART III: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

June 15th 

The Chinese work so hard and always on the go. Even the post office, one of my favorite places, is open on Sundays in China. Every so often, the whole country takes a three day holiday. Lots of people leave the city and take their families towards the countryside, on vacation, to visit family, or out for general recreation and relaxation.

This week was the Chinese holiday, so we had three days off- such a wonderful surprise! I savored this opportunity to get in some real quality wandering. I rode in taxis, buses, and the underground metro system. This roaming confirmed that China is an amazing place. Shanghai is all about the flashing lights, over-the-top architectural design, and magic beanstalk-high sky scrapers. I modeled at an event for Moet in a really nice lounge called Bar Rouge, which is on a rooftop overlooking "The Bund." This is one of the most famous views in Shanghai, and from across the river, you see the skyline of the magnificent city.

There are also lots of little hidden zen gardens and cool places to meditate here: benches, statues, mosaic bricks and tiles on the ground, and very interesting landscape designs. Our apartment complex has a bunch of little courtyards, fountains, and walkways; people walk their dogs, sit and picnic, or just wander like I do. Also this week, my bunk bed mate Emilija moved in! She is beautiful and a lovely soul. Our other roommate, Tanya, moved out and went home to Russia when her contract ended. I have been here for three weeks, but it seems like just yesterday I was stepping off the plane!

I'm already accustomed to the lifestyle and the city- I've figured out how to navigate the language barrier, and windy roads. Drop me off anywhere within a 2-mile radius of our apartment, and I can find my way home. That’s tricky in Shanghai because the roads run every which way! That is my ultimate goal for this trip…to develop a reliable map of the city in my mind. Now, time to go rollerblading!

Monday, September 9, 2013

AREAA and AsianBosto​n Media Group: Mixer at Le Petit Robert Bistro Central!

Hi Everyone!

The Boston Chapter of AREAA (Asian Real Estate Association of America), in collaboration with AsianBoston Media Group, invite you to come and celebrate the end of summer with us on Tuesday, September 24th, from 6-9PM, at Petit Robert Central @ 101 Arch Street in Boston.

Network with high performing real estate professionals in the greater Boston area while enjoying a wine tasting presentation by wine educator Tricia Murphy of Crush Tastings!

For Tickets & Info, please follow this eventbrite link: TICKETS/INFO

Space is limited! RSVP today!

More info about AREAA Boston at AREAA

About Tricia Murphy at TriciaMurphy

More on AsianBoston Media Group at ABMG

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Casting: People with Commonweal​th Choice Insurance Through Health Connector

Hi Everyone!

There is a casting in Boston for a commercial, and are looking for Massachusetts residents who are covered by Commonwealth Choice insurance, and signed up for it through Health Connector.

They want people with real stories for an upcoming commercial (both SAG and Non-Union people will be considered). Acting ability is not a requirement for this commercial.
The casting is Tuesday September 10th.
Please pass this along to family and friends.

PART II: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

June 8:

I had three jobs during my first week, and they gave us the weekend off for rest, so this week was my first real introduction to the daily lifestyle as a foreign fashion model. I had no idea what it would be like, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised at how chill this is. Every morning we wake up, stretch, go outside, and hop in the van that is waiting for us by the curb. Chifu Lu, our driver ,drives us around to castings all day log. So we ride on, hanging out in the van..sleeping, singing, listening to music, teaching each other bad words in different languages, LOL. Every once in a while, we'll stop at a casting, grab our portfolio books, jump out, and put our best faces forward!

We have so many amazing opportunities daily! Every casting is unique and exciting in it's own way. Some of the castings are short and sweet: we walk in and stand in a line; the clients will look at us for a while and pick one or two, or try on their clothes and pose for sample shots. They might point to a few, then say xie xie, which means thank you, but translates to: better luck next time! It's nothing personal, though: they know what look they need for their particular project. We go to so many castings, and there is one for everyone. This type of casting is my favorite. I would much rather be told that I am not right for the job than have to try on a bunch of outfits to take photos for no gig in the end.

Sometimes, we will arrive at a casting and there will be more than fifty other models there, and the client will want to photograph each of us. Sometimes they will ask us to show our catwalks, sometimes we are videotaped, and other times the casting feels more like an entire photo shoot the amount of poses they have us do. Its always a surprise what the castings will be like! And hey, thats the beauty of it :) Then we're back on the road..sometimes hitting 8 or 10 castings in one day. If we have a modeling job, we go to that instead of castings, but otherwise, this will be my life for the next three months. And I have no complaints- it is a rare and wonderful experience.

Today, we welcomed a new roommate from Brazil: Kamille. I love this girl.- she is a very cool model. Its been raining oceans here in Shanghai, so rather than going off on my usual roaming of the city, I've been staying in and spending time getting to know my roommates. Kamile worked in India for 6 months, and Shanghai for another 3 before that, so she is already accustomed to the lifestyle and the city. She'll be my Sacagawea and show me the ropes that I haven't found yet. Nice! Tonight we are going out for dinner, and to meet some of her old friends from her first trip to Shanghai. I have learned that it is very common for models come back to or just decide to stay and live in Shanghai after their first contract ends.

That says something great about the character of this city.