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AB TV/Radio: Comedian Margaret Cho Returns To Boston!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

PART VI: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

PART VI: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

July 13th

The other day, I worked an e-commerce shoot; photos for an online shopping website. I sported 68 looks in 6 hours! I also had one pretty unique job that I would never have imagined before coming to Shanghai, where they truly go all out when it comes to fashion. The photos were used in an advertisement for a product that filters air for cave miners. Also, I posed for a calendar and a product book that they mail out to their distributors. My attire consisted of a blue bikini, thigh-high latex boots, wrist cuffs, and two different wild neon wigs. The makeup artist glued on gigantic lashes and drew thick lines on my eyelids. The look was modeled after a computer-animated girl that the company used for their last set of work. With my photos along with those of the 11 other girls in the calendar and book, their marketing campaign will be really cool! Next week, I'll take a train 5 hours for a runway show in another city. Two of my roommates and I are doing the job together and will be staying in a hotel overnight. I am very excited to have the opportunity to explore a new city!

July 20th

This week was very light on castings. We had a day off during the week that fell on the most beautiful sunny afternoon, and my roommate and I lounged at the pool! Other days, we had a few castings spread out throughout the day. This weekend, my roommates, Kamille, Martyna and I traveled to NanChang for a show for Cassille handbags. NanChang is the capital of the Jiangxi Province in southeastern China, and took about 7 hours by train to reach and another 10 to return home. Kamille and I thought the train ride there was awesome because we got the front row and could put our feet up on the wall, recline our chairs back, and because we were right next to the sink, water, and bathroom. The way home, however, blew the first train trip out of the water: we had beds! The train was rows of bunks stacked three high-I felt like a little kid at summer camp, so much fun! I took the top bunk, and enjoyed amazing vista views of the China sunset through the window for the first hour or so, and then I closed my eyes and woke up back in Shanghai!

The hotel we stayed in was very nice, too- I hadn't slept in a real bed since I'd been in China, where our beds are pillow mats over wooden boards (something you get used to very quickly). All of the places I slept during this trip were amazing. The job wasn't so bad, either, In fact, it was one of my favorite gigs so far. Our hair and makeup artists were outstanding, and the wardrobe was super glamorous. Three outfit changes: a white evening gown, a hot pink bubble dress, and tight jeans with a top. We began by posing with the bags, then over the course of the afternoon, we did about 6 catwalks each. The client was great, and the booker, Lanx, who traveled with us from Shanghai, was lots of fun! I explored the city for a few hours afterwards as the girls got pedicures, and we all went shopping and out to eat before the train ride home. Next week, my jobs will be very different: they are events in the evening at a night club. Variety is the spice of life!

Monday, October 28, 2013

AsianBoston TV/Radio: (Mandarin) Candidate Michelle Wu, Boston City Coun...

AsianBoston TV/Radio: Dr. Albert Chi, Targeted Muscle Reinnervation

Boston: Chinatown Crime Watch Interview (Cantonese) with Michael Wong

PART V: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

PART V: Veronica Farren, An American Model’s Life in China

June 29th

Yesterday, I had a job in Hangzou, a city nearby Shanghai. The high-speed train runs between the two cities in a little over an hour, but my team had the chance to enjoy a three-hour scenic bus ride through China's countryside.

It is certainly not considered "countryside" by the Shanghainese, but to a foreigner who has only explored Shanghai's urban-scape, this was a great contrast! I hope I have another opportunity to travel outside of the big city. China is a huge country, and there is so much that can be learned from it and the striking differences in culture between varying locations within its borders.

The Shanghainese, for example, speak with a totally different dialect than Mandarin, Cantonese, or any others among the numerous bank of languages used by the people of China.

Even though Hangzou is very close to Shanghai geographically, it was a noticeably different community that I feel blessed to have been able to connect with.

July 6th

Today, I only went to a few castings before my catalogue shoot, which consisted of trying on and modeling 34 different outfits! I was amazed at how fast-paced and efficient this team was- the stylist, makeup artist, and photographer were all strong natural leaders, and the other members of the team were great workers who did their jobs with no problems.

There was someone who took the clothes after I wore them and put them into labeled bags. There was another person on set with tape in case anything needed to be hidden from the photos, and someone to else to help me get dressed, and someone to make sure the accessories stayed organized. The format of the shoot was very structured. I did a series of poses facing forward, then facing backwards to shot the entire outfit. This type of catalogue is intended for the sales of the garments, so it was my job to wear them well and make anyone who saw the picture want to wear it themselves.

The client booked me for a shoot next week, and now that I have the routine down, I'll be able to work as efficiently as they do! I am very surprised at how fast-paced the modeling world is in Shanghai. Sometimes, we attend castings that are for shoots taking place on the following day! It keeps us on our toes (in high heels).

Saturday, October 19, 2013

ABRadio Interview: The Brandon Lee Movie, Writer Daniel Kennedy

Hi Everyone!

Please join our host, Victor Ng, as he interviews Daniel Kennedy, the writer of the film, Brandon.

LINK to October 24th, 6:30pm, AB Radio Interview w/Daniel Kennedy: ABRadio

If you would like to speak to Daniel, the call-in number is (646) 378-1641.

From Daniel:

Twenty years ago, the son of Bruce Lee overcame his childhood grief and, against all odds, pursued and achieved his dreams -- all before leaving us at the age of 28.

His name was Brandon Lee.

We want to honor Brandon by giving his inspirational life story to the world; simply put, Brandon's private battle with grief makes a life-changing bio-pic experience.

Because of the worldwide Lee Family following, we believe this is a worthwhile project.
Website: RememberBrandonLee

Facebook: BrandonLeeFilm

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

AsianBosto​n Radio: Michelle Wu, Candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large (in Mandarin)

Hi Everyone!

Please join our host, Maggie Li, for a discussion (in Mandarin) with Michelle Wu, candidate for Boston City Councilor At-Large.

Michelle Wu is an attorney and community advocate. Most recently, she worked full-time on U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren’s campaign, where she directed statewide outreach to communities of color as the campaign’s Constituency Director.

Prior to the Warren campaign, Michelle worked for Mayor Thomas M. Menino in the Mayor’s Office as a Rappaport Fellow in Law and Public Policy.

At City Hall, she created the Restaurant Roadmap guide (available on the City of Boston website), which for the first time outlined in one place the city’s restaurant permitting process from start to finish.

Michelle was also a driving force behind the Food Truck Challenge, which launched three new food trucks on City Hall Plaza. Michelle has a background in community advocacy, having worked at the WilmerHale Legal Services Center in Jamaica Plain, providing legal advice to low-income small business owners.

She also worked at the Medical-Legal Partnership at Boston Medical Center on immigration cases for survivors of domestic violence. Michelle has served on the boards of the Kwong Kow Chinese School in Chinatown, the Puerto Rican Veterans Monument Square Association, and the RoxVote coalition in Roxbury.

Michelle graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School. She lives in the South End with her husband Conor and her two sisters – Sherelle, a student at Suffolk University, and Victoria, a student at Boston Latin School.

LINK to Monday, October 14th, 6pm, AB Radio Interview w/ Michelle Wu: ABRadioLink

The call-in number for callers is (646) 378-1641.

Two Job Openings: Registered Nurse and Activity Coordinato​r

Hi Everyone!

There is a newly formed Adult Health Center in the Boston metro area, and they are currently interviewing for a Registered Nurse and Activity Coordinator.

Candidates for both positions must speak Cantonese/Mandarin and/or Toisanese.

If this interests you, please follow this link for the requirements and more details: JobOpenings

Please Pass This Along!

Thank you!

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AsianBoston Radio Interview: Margaret Cho on October 23rd!

AsianBoston Radio Interview: Margaret Cho on October 23rd!

Hi Everyone!

Please join our resident comedian and radio host, Anjan Biswas, in welcoming Emmy & Grammy nominated comedian and actress, Margaret Cho to AB Radio!

LINK to October 23rd, 12:30pm, AB Radio w/ Margaret Cho: MargaretChoABRadio

If you would like to speak to Margaret, the call-in number is
(646) 378-1641.

She is set to return to Boston next month, The Wilbur Theatre, to perform her new stand-up comedy world tour show called MOTHER.

MOTHER is a complicated and completely original take on sex, politics, drugs, guns, identity and madness, proving time and time again, boundaries uncrossed are meaningless. Nothing is sacred, least of all, this MOTHER.

The cornerstone of MOTHER revolves around Cho’s long-suffering Korean mom and a staple of her shows, Young-Hie Cho.

“It’s great because I get to put a lot of emphasis on my own mother,” Cho explains. “My mother did not prepare me for the world. First - I was named the poetic Korean name "moran" which was perfect for the kids at school to call me "moron" and set me up for a good quarter century of therapy. However, I can clean a fish with my bare hands. So there are pros and cons of being from an Asian immigrant family.”

More info here:

Many thanks to...

Ken Phillips Publicity Group, Inc.
Los Angeles

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Casting, Asian Females: Promotiona​l Models for NYC Event. Pay $175

Hi Everyone!

There is a casting for Asian female promotional models for a big event in NYC. Models will be promoting a company brand during the show.

Event/Show Date: Friday, October 11, 2013

Time: 4pm - 10pm

Rate: $175

If interested, please follow this link: AsianFemaleModels