Monday, June 9, 2014

Casting: TV Commercial, Major Restaurant Chain, Kids and Adults, Pay $600 per day.

Hi Everyone!

There is a casting in Boston for a TV commercial (non union) for a major restaurant chain.

Audition: This Thursday 6/12 and Friday 6/13.
Rate: $500+20% per day to shoot and buyout 2 years TV/Web


Full descriptions at site.

Soccer: 8-10 year old girl with some soccer experience.
Baseball: 8-10 year old boy with some baseball/t-ball experience.
Dance: 5-7 year old (boy OR girl!) with dance experience.
Violin: 8-10 year old girl who is currently taking (or has taken) violin lessons before. 

Adult Roles: To Portray Parents.

They are also looking for actual violin teachers. Some parents may be asked to audition as well, if interested.

If interested, please follow this link for all the details: Casting

Friday, June 6, 2014

Casting Actors for Major Cable Network Show! Pay $500 plus Travel/Hotel Exp (All Nationalities)

Hi Everyone!

There is a NYC agent working on a fun new show for a major cable network. They are casting actors and/or non-actors to be narrators telling over the top outrageous love stories.

Are you living or have you lived your own blockbuster Romantic Comedy? Do you have a love story that sounds totally untrue…but it is true? Did you do something crazy stupid for the object of your affection?

Ideally the actor will have a true story they can work with or even bits or funny things they have done for love that we can build a story around.

This is a great opportunity for on-air work and pays $500 for the shoot. Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered for actors chosen outside of the NY area.

If this is for you, please click here: CastingOpportunity