Friday, May 24, 2019

Casting: Korean Male and Female / Corporate HR Video, PAID $300-$500.

Casting: Korean Male and Female / Corporate HR Video, PAID $300-$500.

Hi Everyone!

We have a Boston company and long-time client that produce Corporate HR Videos in various languages for overseas offices.

We will need the following for upcoming gigs.

Korean Male & Female Actors: Ages 30s-60s
Korean must be your first language. Videos will be in Korean.

Pay ranges from $300 to $500 depending on how many scripts, and if talent also assists in script translation, if needed.

Please Note: You must be responsible and be able to get familiar with the script/s and rehearse a bit with your counterpart.

Videos will be recorded at offices in Brighton, MA. Usually only takes 2 hours max.

Shoot Day: TBD, First Week in June
Times: TBD, Usually early afternoon, two hours

Please note: ABMG is a casting agency, so if you are signed with an agency or management, you cannot submit for this project; conflict of interest.

Please send info and photo soon to

Thank you!

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